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CP, You were definitely one of those few who were generous with your insights into other's work along with sharing your own the sort who really helped to keep the backbone of the forum strong.

Like you and others have mentioned, an increase in the numbers of those willing to stick around and contribute would be great.

Originally Posted by cheesepaws View Post
I actually really prefer the forum format to FB for chatting about art.

I've been gone for a while now, but I was pretty open to posting pictures and commenting on others work (IMO). It just got tedious defending the multitude of styles, intent, materials, education, that are possible in art/sculpture against bitter attacks by those with stricter definitions of what THEY count as art. Those "arguments" always ended a dismissal of anything but the personal tastes of a few stubborn - but vocal - members.

Honestly, I never understood what they took away from a "forum" style discussion if they weren't open to different views?

It could be a great place if the numbers grew again. A cacophony of inclusion and support to drown out the naysayers.

I also agree with some who have pointed out how non-intuitive it is to post pictures. That certainly makes FB more appealing.
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