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Originally Posted by raspero View Post
There are art foundries in other states. California has problems people who have never lived there can't even imagine. There are so many regulations, permits, inspections, insurance requirements, emission checks, etc. that businesses by the thousands are fleeing the state every year. I know I did.


I know, it's insane, I sent inquiries to a Colorado and a NY foundry last night, we'll see.
$509 for this is pretty steep, especially when you add in my time and materials for making the wax, shipping it to them, shipping the bronze back to me, buying the marble base and engraved plate, doing the patina, monting it that $509 quickly comes closer to $750 and if you figure "two times foundry costs" for a retail price if I were to offer them for sale, they would have to be close to $1400.
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