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2003 ISC Member Juried Exhibition

Something triggered my curiosity about the 2003 ISC Member Juried Exhibition and the Conference on Figurative Sculpture scheduled at the same time, in the same area. Is there a link between the two?
In general terms, it seems to make sense that coinciding events held in the same area may have a common thread, this considering that both events are managed by the same institution.
One may be confused at the reading of the announcements, for
there was a posting about the Conference but no topic was indicated at its time; that came sometime around the submition date.
The Juried Exhibition entry, didn't make any mention of a particular categoriy either.
I wish to have more information in order to better understand how these 2 events "together" can be construed.
You see, Figurative art is a very distinct field and stands on its own. To combine this with a wider exhibition that encompass all categories seems odd to me, for it singles out one in disrespect to the rest. I hardly believe that accidental, in view of such an event.
As for the previous years, Conferences were the only organized event ever happening and therefore there wasn't any conflicting situation.
Thank you for any info regarding this.

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