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Elden Tefft 1919-2015

A sculptor and teacher of sculpture has passed leaving an impressive legacy.

Elden C.Tefft was the founder of the International Sculpture Center. He lived in Lawrence, Kansas and was a professor of Sculpture at the University of Kansas.

Elden is credited with being the first to elevate bronze casting foundry into to a fine art from a crude craft and to be a regular part the university education system in America. He's listed in 'Who's Who in American Art".

Currently his private foundry is continuing to be busy in Lawrence, Kansas.

Personally I never could afford much art school and am grateful to learn directly from artists like Tefft who have been very generous with their highly skilled knowledge of sculpture techniques.1980

Elden was Director Emeritus of the ISC since 1980. I will try to get a link with more details.

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