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Re: How does one break into the monumental sculpture arena?

To me, those temporary outdoor sculpture exhibitions seem like a lot more trouble than they're worth. First, you have to build a large sculpture from permanent materials at your own expense, then you have to transport and install it someplace, usually half-way across the country. And then after a few months, you have to take it down and cart it away. Rarely do they actually buy the thing, and they usually offer a paltry $1000 or so to the chosen artists, who have to make presentations to be chosen for this honor that are nearly as much hassle to prepare as for real commissions. I guess the T-shirts make it all worthwhile...

I can see it from the city's point of view, though - they get all the kudos they'd get from commissioning a bunch of public art, but none of the hassles - if people don't like it (every piece of public art has its haters), they just have to wait a while and it will go away. And, of course, it doesn't cost them much either.

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A lot of cities now are involved in 'Sculpture Walks' where they will choose 25 or so sculptures to be installed on their streets for a year. You bring it in, set it up with their help and people vote for their favorites and if yours gets the most votes, the town buys it and they keep it permanently. They also have awards where you can win some money. This is a great way to get some exposure. Most will insure your piece against theft or vandalism but some won't and I would steer clear of them unless you have your own insurance that will cover it and from what I know it's not easy to get. It's also a great way to meet other sculptors, since everybody gets together for the 'opening days', they put you up at a hotel and give you a tee shirt! Try it. I've enjoyed the ones I've been involved in.

(P.S. The 'Lucy' sculpture is REALLY bad!)
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