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Re: Price too high

For sure!

Almost as bad are the ones who write through either my web site contact or Ebay and after telling me how much they really like such and such and item or items and they want to order several, they ask if I can "combine" shipping.

Sculptures weighing up to 150# can't just be dumped into a box with several others, they aren't shirts or decks of cards you can cram several into a flat rate box and mail for $10. A recent one was interested in 3 pieces that weigh around 40# each but I normally ship those in wood crates individually, the crate adds around 25# so even if I were to put 2 of the sculptures in one crate the crate would have to be deeper to accomodate that, and then with a couple of 40# sculptures in it, it's already not only over 70# it's over 100# and that carries additional higher fees due to the weight being over 100#. That pretty much nixes any "savings" by doing that and 3 of these won't work in one big crate as it would be over the 150# limit, so it's still 2 crates- one twice the depth of the other instead of 3.

The $49 flat shipping on that often costs more just for the shipping charge, if, as is typical- the shipment is going to California.

Haven't heard back from that guy, it's been my experience that when people start off with glowing emails about how fantastic the items they see are and how they want to order several followed by the inevitable "can you combine shipping?" question they never buy, it's almost predictable! You get the feeling you are being "primed" by the glowing comments and the fake "interested in severalpieces" which they hope will become a negotiation tool to get the price down.

I did recently supply several sculptures to a contractor of a building in Nashville that was restored, the roof had long caved in and trees growing up through the hole, this guy did a total job on it and is to lease the spaces out to a restaurant and another business.
Nothing exciting about the building, but he had to completely dismantle the brick facade to replace a corroded failing steel support beam, and one of the original sculptures was too damaged to fix so he replaced it with one of mine, added two more outside and several inside in the common area.

I tried to steer him towards Art Deco which is more in line with this building's contruction era but he wanted Victorian, no idea why he did purchase a second panel to install over the other window but...

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