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Re: Hello form uk

HI Jaz,
thanks for looking and glad the new site is working for you, a bit of a "shakedown" phase at present to see how I can fine tune it.
"I know other sculptors who succeed because they do multiples of everything, but that also diminishes the uniqueness aspect" This is an interesting area, I actually work in a very traditional way in these particular objects - the "unique" initial drawing/maquette and then a series of very precise enlargements. The history of sculpture is tied with manufacture/replication - more so now than ever perhaps. Casting, pointing machines, art fabricators etc... I am at once the author and the manufacturer. I don't see a difference between a cast edition and a constructed edition unless you really buy into a unique object as an "expression of soul" or whatever. We'll see... It can just as easily sink or float.
The prints are actually printed off the interlocking parts of the sculptures before I build them up, inked up and put through an Albion press gives a denser black than the ones done with a Baren. Etching onto the surface is an area I'm experimenting on, but I'm conscious to avoid decorative fuss.
Thanks for the feedback and I'm looking forward to being part of the scupturenet community. Happy making. A
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