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tonofelephant 03-19-2006 07:30 PM

ISC Membership Indirect Benefits

Soon I will be getting paid for a job that I have completed. With a portion of the money I was considering joining the ISC. I realize that there are many direct benefits that are offered by the ISC that are mentioned on the web site. I am interested in the indirect benefits, specifically commissions.

Not being combative but, joining the ISC would have to pay for itself in my opinion. Money is something that is always an elusive commodity. So if I purchase something - car, gym membership, or association membership it has to bring a tangiblie benefit. Meeting fellow sculptors is beneficial but that is not the main issue or reason for joining. Getting job leads is not that helpful either, I can generate those with no problem.

So the question is to ISC members - Have any of you ever received a commission as a direct result of being a ISC member? Yes or No?

Thanks in advance for your answers. I appreciate any input that you have.


Julianna 03-26-2006 07:48 AM

Re: ISC Membership Indirect Benefits
I've never received a commission via ISC, but I have been contacted much more frequently via the portfolio pages on the ISC website than my own website. Some of these were mass mailings from people selling stuff or doing surveys, but I did receive quite a few calls for artists from legit sources.

tonofelephant 03-26-2006 09:17 AM

Re: ISC Membership Indirect Benefits
Thanks for your input Julianna.

I am still on the fence on joining the ISC. When the money I make is so hard-won, I am loathe to spend it unless I can see a fairly clear goal. The age old conundrum - do I buy a tool to do better work faster or do I join the ISC? Unfortunately, it is rarely a case of I'll just do both.


Landseer 06-07-2006 11:05 PM

Re: ISC Membership Indirect Benefits
Well, for those who haven't looked, the basic membership includes these items. It would seem to me it's well worth the $95 a year for those who do contemporary work and can use the leads/resources;

As an ISC member, the following resources are at your disposal:

  • Sculpture: The premier publication in the field of contemporary sculpture. The ISC publishes ten issues each year (January/February and July/August are combined issues). Sculpture is dedicated to all forms of contemporary sculpture and contains provocative criticism, knowledgeable technical discussions, and timely explorations of new materials and techniques. Every issue contains profiles, reviews, studio visits, and interviews with the important sculptors of today and tomorrow.
  • Insider: Members also receive the newsletter, Insider, which includes: Opportunities, an essential, up-to-the-minute listing of commissions, competitions, grants, residencies, and more. Many members have already won important commissions through ISC information; On Record, an archive of ISC members' solo exhibitions, fellowships and awards. Follow news about your colleagues and announce your own accomplishments.
  • Portfolio: Artist members can exhibit their work and reach a vast new audience on the World Wide Web. They are invited to post pictures on portfolio pages, which are part of theISC?s web site, The site also offers a wide range of information about the field and provides fast links to other organizations and sites of interest.
  • Discounts on art periodicals tools, supplies, and other services: Members receive discount rates on ISC?s publications and national magazines including ARTnews, Artforum and many others. Discounts are offered at foundries; art transportation related services; stone and metal suppliers; on sculpting tools, supplies.
  • Reduced rates on advertising placement in Sculpture: Several issues of Sculpture will include sections devoted to advertising fromISC members. Advertising rates in these sections will be offered to all members at a discount.

pachyderm 06-25-2006 04:29 PM

Re: ISC Membership Indirect Benefits
Are they any opportunities for members wanting to help the ISC (other than paying for membership)? So, while there are resources at my disposal, is there a way to contribute to said resources? For example, there have been qualms about the educational resources on, particularly the lack of university/academy programs listed for overseas. Would it be possible to provide user submissions detailing an academic program? Something like a wikipedia moderated database where reports can be screened (so that programs aren't slandered or misreported) with user-submitted photos or basic listings or interviews of the programs. Or have a basic user submission whereas the university online form can provide details.

I suppose there are legal issues to contend with -- but look at it this way. Implementing something as simple as this would increase the resource database to encourage new members, current members to revisit the website more frequently, increase ISC's exposure internationally (thus multiplying the effects of the Insider), increase international participation, and enable the ISC to offer more benefits to its members.

So, for example, Anne bxl who noted that she lives in brussels and paris could submit a blurb about the local art academies and universities with contact info, some photos, interviews (optional) and, if it's her alma mater, a blurb about her experience at the school. The same could go for those of us who live in the US. And this could also open discourse for ISC conferences about sculpture education.

So... what'd'ya say? :D

marblecutter 12-15-2006 12:58 AM

Re: ISC Membership Indirect Benefits
Participation in the 8th Changchun Sculpture Symposium of 2006 was due to my being a member of ISC. The selecting committee saw my work in PORTFOLIO. This is one of the many benefits that I derived from this great organization. Receiving the magazine every month brings weeks of enjoyment and revisiting the past issues is doubly fulfilling. Sometimes those past issues feel as fresh as the new ones, almost as if I had never seen them before. I find the same feeling in my own work that I have not seen for a long time. They sometimes seem as if they were done by someone else.
Yes, there are many benefits to being a member of ISC.

evaldart 01-07-2007 02:17 PM

Re: ISC Membership Indirect Benefits
I have been an ISC member for at least five years off and on and I must say that the publication alone is worth it. The insider section has led me to shows which HAVE led to sales and the features on sculptors often suprise me by their attention to some lesser known artists that I would otherwise scarcely encounter. I have yet to even scratch the surface of promoting myself through them but I did participate in a grounds for sculpture exhibit once and was thrilled by how professionally it was handled...a real top rate facility and as a panelist on a discussion for that show I experienced nothing but enthusiasm by all including the moderator Rob Bischoff. 95 bucks! c'mon, sell a little of your studio scrap or some little drawing from your notebook - you can swing it.

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