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Dawn Molignano 07-20-2009 04:23 PM

ISC Sculpture Symposium 2009
ISC Sculpture Symposium 2009: Strategies For Success In Challenging Times. October 9-10, Hamilton/Princeton, NJ.

It has been a tough start to the year for many organizations. Leaders working in arts organizations certainly know what it is like to manage a tight budget and work with reduced funds and resources, but for many managers working in a recession is a new experience. However, it is not all gloom and doom, it is a time when creative people thrive, new ideas come out of the chaos and crisis and a renewed sense of community and collaboration can bring about exciting new ways to be productive.

This year's symposium is a wonderful opportunity to come together with your peers and colleagues in the art world and share ideas and experiences. The schedule is packed with great speakers and panels and there is time for you to network with the attendees and presenters. And of course there are some fun activities built in too.

To register or for more details visit the ISC website at For questions contact or 609-689-1051 x302.

This year's symposium promises to be an important tool for everyone looking for creative ideas in these challenging times! We hope to see you there!

marblecutter 07-22-2009 11:30 AM

Re: ISC Sculpture Symposium 2009
The ISC needs to have a raffle with all its members and invite 10 of them to the symposium --
VIP treatment with all expenses paid by ISC proceeds :)

Dawn Molignano 07-23-2009 01:08 PM

Re: ISC Sculpture Symposium 2009
Dear Marblecutter,

Unfortunately that is not a "creative strategy for success" the ISC is in a position to offer at this time. However, this year's event has a great line up of speakers including a Keynote address by Ruby Lerner who has a great (inspirational) take on the current climate as well as panelists that include Paul Villinksi, Tom Otterness, Barbara MacAdam and Phong Bui, to name just a few. It should be a great learning opportunity as well as a chance to network so we do hope you'll consider attending.

EJB 10-07-2009 03:55 AM

Re: ISC Sculpture Symposium 2009
Anybody here going to this thing?

obseq 10-07-2009 07:27 AM

Re: ISC Sculpture Symposium 2009

Originally Posted by EJB (Post 82855)
Anybody here going to this thing?

I'd really like to make it to a symposium one of these days, but right now, casting my work takes total precedence. Saving the cash for the symposium itself does takes some foresight-- It's not chump change to attend...

(It would be great to see some images and/or anecdotes from anyone attending!)

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