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2catsTango 08-13-2003 04:05 PM

color and finishes?
Hello again,
I'm sure to wear out my welcome here, but this is the first place I've found where i can ask questions to people who would know.
I would like to learn about the color and finishes used on bronze. I've seen various colors and know that most are applied. How do these finishes hold up outdoors over time. Does the make up of the bronze itself do anything for its color? Any place where i can read or learn about this?
Thanks again

jwebb 08-15-2003 04:11 PM

There's another thread on this site, called "Community Help Center", in which you'll see a conversation subject, "Translate Into Bronze?", and a rather detailed and accurate discussion of bronze patinas, among other things. Many people take bronze and make it look like something else entirely. Many like to make stone look like something it's not, too. I find this perverse, as both look great as themselves! And there are good, time proven surface treatments that protect them from the elements and accentuate their character. It's a big subject in itself. Check it out and make your own judgements. In Art we get to do that.

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