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ironman 08-02-2007 11:15 AM

interesting article by Camille Paglia
Hi, Just finished reading "Religion and the Arts in America" by Camille Paglia.
I find her to be a fascinating, brilliant woman. I think she teaches at Columbia.
I've read "Sexual Personae" and "Break, Blow, Burn", both written by her and all are well thought out and well written.
Anyway, "Religion and the Arts in America" can be found at , check it out.
Have a great day,

anatomist1 08-02-2007 01:09 PM

Re: interesting article by Camille Paglia
Paglia is a rare bird these days. She's a real philosopher that doesn't just write for a tiny cabal of other academics, with a Nietzsche-style attitude to boot. I have always liked her, though I find some of her ideas off-the-wall. I'll read her articles, but I haven't had the patience to get through any tome remotely resembling Sexual Personae since I was forced to in college.

fritchie 08-02-2007 07:16 PM

Re: interesting article by Camille Paglia
Thanks for posting this, Ironman. I haven't read anything resembling philosophy for something like 30 years, but I will say that I tried several times in college to find at least a survey course on something like comparative religion, and failed each time. I guess the demand wasn't there back then. I quote just a short part of her on-line article from your reference, to give more of what it's about. Hopefully there is no objection.

Paglia: "But based on my college experiences in the 1960s, when interest in Hinduism and Buddhism was intense, I have been calling for nearly two decades for massive educational reform that would put the study of comparative religion at the center of the university curriculum. Though I shared the exasperation of my generation with the moralism and prudery of organized religion, I view each world religion, including Judeo-Christianity and Islam, as a complex symbol system, a metaphysical lens through which we can see the vastness and sublimity of the universe."

ironman 08-03-2007 10:13 AM

Re: interesting article by Camille Paglia
Hi, "Religion ans Art in America" is only a 15 page article on that web site.
Yeah, Sexual Personae is a tough read.
Break, Blow, Burn is a brilliantly written book and at 250 pages isn't too hard to take. I loved that book.
Why would anyone, especially one who calls himself an artist, object to that paragraph?
Have a great day,

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