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raspero 09-11-2015 09:56 PM

I wrote this paragraph a year ago in an e-mail conversation I was having with a painter friend about the nature of creation.
Creation? I wonder. Do you think maybe those guys back in the renaissance created the way we see the world now? By inventing perspective they gave us a new way to draw—we know that—but maybe they did a lot more than that; maybe they gave us a new way to see. We really have no idea how man—let’s say an ancient Egyptian—experienced the world. If we look at his art, and think about it, we are perhaps forced to assume that he saw the world that way. So it could be that you are inventing a new way for human beings to see the world. And that the artists and the writers and the musicians are the true engines of the future, and not the politicians and the soldiers and the businessmen, whose primary job, like dumbbells in a gym, may simply be to provide the resistance necessary for the muscles of creation to grow strong enough to shift the world.

GlennT 09-12-2015 09:27 AM

Re: Creation
"Without Vision the people perish"

Creation is a powerful thing, and an awesome responsibility. Artists provide vision to humanity. Will they use that vision to help raise civilization to a higher plane, or use it to perform tricks for the glorification of the ego while contributing to the lowering of consciousness? Will the attention of mankind be endlessly diverted by the current flash in the pan, new and different passages leading nowhere, or will the attention be raised to a level that increases self-awareness and connection to a higher source of endless possibility?

rika 09-12-2015 10:42 AM

Re: Creation
Nice thoughts, Richard and Glenn. Maybe all individuals carry within seeds of "new" just by the simple fact that they are each a singular and unrepeatable consciousness. However that "newness" is part of a mixture of inherited and learned knowledge, and it has to be recognized by the individual first and foremost, which alone is hard enough, and then be given a chance to emerge in some form.

Glenn, I am surprised you call responsibility "awesome". Why do you think so? I see at as a hindrance if not meddling with free creativity. Responsibility is connected with expectation: to perform, to satisfy someone or something outside the creative self. It very rare that it produces great work...

raspero 09-12-2015 05:22 PM

Re: Creation
I too have a sense of having a responsibility, but I do not find it to be a hindrance, but rather a freedom. My responsibility is to be true to myself, which is something best left unsaid in most company. Even in the best of times it is misinterpreted by most people to mean something like, "Look out for number one," and we are not living in the best of times.


GlennT 09-12-2015 05:44 PM

Re: Creation
When you realize the effects that visual patterns can have on people both on a conscious and a subconscious level, that places a level of responsibility on the creator if they want to be a good steward of the energies of life in their care. Perhaps that responsibility affects people differently. For me, it pushes me to do the best I can. That in no way hampers my creativity. Perhaps because my process is not one randomness, but is directed in most cases by an internal vision for the work, or a translation of some facet of nature, or both. My creative experience is centered on pushing my work as close to the beauty and truth of the vision as possible. There may be trials and errors, experiments, new techniques, etc. along the way, but always moving toward a goal.

rika 09-13-2015 10:59 AM

Re: Creation
Oh, I see. The meaning of words can be so different. When I hear the word "responsibility" during the creative process (we all have more than enough of it when wearing everyman/woman hat), I want to run the other way. :D But now that you both describe what it means to you, I realize I just call it something else. Perhaps a personal standard, and internal demand to never be satisfied with what is achieved, keep moving forward, one piece at a time. Whatever we call it, it is certainly the backbone of progress and excellence. In that sense, I agree with you.

raspero 09-13-2015 05:13 PM

Re: Creation

Perhaps a personal standard, and internal demand to never be satisfied with what is achieved, keep moving forward, one piece at a time. Whatever we call it, it is certainly the backbone of progress and excellence.
Beautifully said. And beautifully demonstrated in your work.


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