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jim collins 05-29-2013 04:51 AM

2013-2014 Public Sculpture Venues
You may be interested in my new 2013-2014 Public Sculpture Venues.
At the bottom of the Home Page there are eight thumbnail photos click on each one to bring up a full photo with detailed information.

jim collins 09-03-2013 10:16 AM

Re: 2013-2014 Public Sculpture Venues
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Here is another show for the current season.

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The Public Art Exhibition on Hilton Head Island, SC
September 21-December 31, 2013

Jim Collins is primarily a Public Art sculptor working in a figurative manner, best exemplified by his long running series the WATCHER. His sculpture style has been characterized by the use of silhouettes of people and animals constructed of stainless steel, aluminum and other metals.
The WATCHER sculpture design started in 1978, and began as a series with two figures in half-inch thick mild steel. Over the years I have added WATCHERS in wood, copper, brass, stainless steel, painted steel and aluminum. Each WATCHER is unique either by material, color, size, or location. The peaceful figure of the seated man has progressed to approximately 100 different individual sculptures and can be found in both public and private collections from Maine to Florida with the majority located in the Southeastern United States. Plus, in 2004 the WATCHER Family went international with the Black and Amber Watcher perched at Langtonís in Kilkenny Ireland and two Watchers are setting at the County Council Building in Limerick Ireland. This was as a result of an invitation to show ten WATCHERS done as a tribute to James Joyce book, Ulysses during the Kilkenny Arts Festival.
There are three hat styles with this group, plus one bird. First, the Ball Hat or Truckerís Hat as some call it, has become an international model, which can be found on the heads of thousands of people in every part of the world, and the Top Hat, and Straw Hat. While browsing in a local bookstore in 1987 I discovered the book: Movies of the 1930ís filled with photographs of movie stills. This started me to thinking about different hats for the WATCHER. It occurred to me that by simply changing the chapeau a new identity could be given to the seated man.

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