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Piotrus 06-25-2003 02:26 PM

Searching for support
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I am a sculptor, just finnished a very nice sculpture. It is a pregnant women, very pretty, in realistic convetion. Not too big, but also not small: it is in ~1:2.5 scale. Sitting and conteplating. It was made spontaniously, when frend of mine wanted to be a model and asked for it. That's why I have no money to cast it in bronze, and I am searching for some help (I need about 500 dollars or Euro, or ~1000 if someone likes to have a copy of it (transport not includet)) I will gladly send some pictures.
looking forward for any nice answer, or advice,
with big smile

P.S. sorry for my strange english

sjschroe 06-25-2003 02:58 PM

That is a beauiful piece, Piotrus! If only I had some spare cash...

It is interesting to see a pregnant woman in a sculpture. I found my wife very attractive when she was pregnant (not that I don't find her attractive now, I hope she doesn't see this ;) ). I guess it was the idea that she was nurturing our daughter that I found beautiful. Your sculputure reminds me of that anxious and exhilirating time when we were expecting our baby.

Piotrus 06-25-2003 03:12 PM

Thank you
Thank you, Samuel!:D That means a lot; I am collecting good words, not only money:)
best regards

The photo was taken during the work; left hand is a little bit too short. I noticed this today and it is already correct.

fritchie 06-25-2003 09:28 PM

First bronze
Piotrus - $500 or 500 Euros is very low by American standards. Here, Iíd say that for a commercial foundry to make a mold from your clay, and then make one cast in bronze, fully finished, would cost about $700 for the mold and $1500 for the cast; for a total of $2200 for one cast, or $3700 for two. These estimates are probably low.

Most beginning sculptors here work with universities, such as in taking classes. That provides access to a foundry, and skilled help from other students in making the mold and the cast. Under those conditions, the mold cost would be mainly for materials, approximately $150, and the cost for a bronze cast would also be the cost of metal, perhaps as little as $150. Thatís closer to the cost you give, so you probably would be getting help from a student or art school.

The piece looks great, and I seriously hope you can find someone to help with a cast.

Piotrus 06-26-2003 04:44 AM

I have forgoten to say, that I do live and work in Poland. Thats why costs of casting are very lov. Its about 20-:- 30 Euro for 1 kg casted bronze. I think my sculpture will weigh about 20 kg. I have a good specialist, who can make a very thin cast.
It would be a heaven for sculptors, but here is not easy to sell works, especialy for a good price. Poor country, poor artists.
Thank you for information anyway, maybe some day I will come to USA and make a good use with it.
best regards

anne (bxl) 06-26-2003 07:20 PM

Poland is now member of the European Community. Take advantage of it! European art market is as interresting as the US one.
With the very low production cost you got in Poland, your work should be exposed at very interresting prices in Berlin, Vienna, Madrid or London.
Good Luck to you!

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