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Old 06-05-2006, 08:13 AM
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Re: What is Sculpture?

Fritchie – Semantics: relating to meaning/connotation in language. As a branch of philosphy or linguistics – relating to the issue of meaning in language. I’m surprised that you normally want to “run the other way” from these discussions. The question ‘What is sculpture?’ invites us to interrogate - ‘unpack’ - the possible meanings and connotations of the word ‘sculpture’. Surely this is not unlike what we do when we look at a sculpture. Our aesthetic sensibilities ‘interrogate’ the form, or the series of forms, and assemble thereby an understanding. Isn’t this exactly what we are doing with the word ‘sculpture’ here? The difference is that one interrogation is verbal, whereas the exploration of a sculpture is non-verbal, (and hence appears less artificial by comparison?). The thing about abstract nouns like ‘sculpture’ is that, unlike concrete nouns (tree, house etc), they only refer to what has been historically attached to them, so it is sometimes valid to stop and have a look at what we have come to mean by such words. Isn’t it? (Sorry, folks – hope this isn’t a distraction from the core focus of the thread).

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Old 06-06-2006, 09:58 AM
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Re: What is Sculpture?

Essentially what I mean by “run the other way” is that discussions of this sort are endless. Tandigon just posted “The point of this discussion "What is Sculpture?" was to see if we can redefine what we do.” We do that in fact with each new piece we produce, so his original question, essentially, is semantic.

As you demonstrate, words are plastic and subject to endless, but hopefully restrained, modification. Effective communication depends on this restraint.
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Old 06-23-2006, 06:01 PM
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Re: What is Sculpture?

Can we also call them 'sculptures' ? They can be very beautiful.

Soccer fans put best cheek forward

World Cup fans have embraced face- and body-painting like never before in Germany.

At every game, thousands of fans display their team's colours. [snip]

Many use small packs of transfers or face paints - on sale everywhere in Germany's black, red and yellow

But for body artist Anja Purkel, the tournament is preparation for her own 'World Cup' - the World Body-painting Championships in Austria next month.

At the contest in Seeboden, some 180 artists from 40 nations will compete with brush, sponge and airbrush to create the best designs in front of an audience of 25,000. [snip]

Click here for the article, with pictures, from the BBC.
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Old 06-24-2006, 09:18 PM
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Re: What is Sculpture?

I just don't know. Is this ooze also sculpture?

(Anyway, if you like to read about unexpected dramas installing unusual artworks, this is interesting.)

Slippery sculpture oozes into SFMOMA

Jim McKinney pulled his gleaming silver tanker truck to a stop in front of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art after a four-day drive from Petrolia, Pa., near where the first American oil wells were drilled in the 1850s.

His rig was laden with 1,600 gallons of liquid petroleum jelly for a 10-ton sculpture by artist Matthew Barney, who has made the greasy goop a prime ingredient in the shaping of his strange and alluring visual world. [snip]

The exhibition features 150 works from a dozen phases of the performance-installation piece Barney began in 1987 as a student at Yale, [snip]

The trucker was supposed to pump hot jelly into a sculptural mold in the fourth-floor galleries through a 300-foot, 4-inch black hose running up the stairs on the south side of the museum. Then the goop would cool for about 10 days before Barney and crew removed the mold and let the gelatinous pale-yellow mass spill out and come to rest in a form of its own making.

But a series of unexpected delays and mishaps stalled the jelly pour for two days, adding a little more drama to the undertaking. [snip]

Click here for this San Francisco Chronicle news article which has a few pictures.

It probably would attract interest because of its very large size. If it is small, it may look like molten jelly on my dinning table top.

On the other hand, wonder how the gallery after the show would remove this huge chunk of solid ooze, probably a bit sticky.

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Old 07-07-2006, 02:46 PM
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Re: What is Sculpture?

Last year, I offered the following definition on Wikipedia:

"A sculpture is a three-dimensional, human-made object selected for special recognition as art."

And it still hasn't been edited away -- so I guess everyone is happy ?

On the other hand -- my definition of art as "Whatever you want it to be, sweetheart" --- was judged unacceptable by just about everyone.

(BTW - I also did the Wikipedia sections on the sculpture of China and the United States)
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