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Old 01-09-2009, 08:58 PM
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Silicone Paint? 2nd times a charm.

! am making positives of fingers out of silicone (specifically Smooth-Sil 920). I have about 100+ to make and the idea of pigment seems like a hassle. I have heard of paint that can be applied to silicone without cracking or breaking (too much anyways). I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of said paint or even specific brands I could possibly look into. I mean, I know they make and colour masks for movies all the time, so there should be something out there. (I was told at the place where I purchase my silicone that no such thing exists to their knowledge, but I am looking for a second opinion)

Much thanks!


(Note: I reposted this thread because I thought it might be more appropriate in the "Help" section. :S)
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Old 01-21-2009, 12:12 PM
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Re: Silicone Paint? 2nd times a charm.

If you are using the Smooth-On product, they also make a paint for silicone called Psycho Paint. I believe it is a silicone based product that can be airbrushed or brushed onto the cured silicone surface. I have also used fairly successfully thinned silicone adhesive with pigment added to it for color. Just go down to your local hardware store and get some high quality silicone adhesive (clear) like Dow or GE and add VM&P Naphtha to that as a thinner until you get a workable consistency. Add pigment for color and apply to the silicone surface. You might also prewash the surface of your piece with the naphtha for better adhesion. Good luck!
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