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Old 05-28-2008, 07:10 AM
grommet grommet is offline
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Re: "The limits of art"

There are many limits to art, most of them are technical. Some things simply will not happen because the laws of nature are the way they are. Image makers may depict the impossible but we sculptors/object makers know the limits better than the wishful thinkers of the world. Try as we might, some laws can not be broken. Making things will teach anybody humility, materials play by their own rules. The list of limits is long.
That is until someone puts their problem solving skills to the conundrum & proves ya wrong.

Despite appearances, I have always been of a democratic state of mind when it comes to art. It is only because I care about art and its perpetuation that I have taken some to task for what I see as laziness in the creative process. Each and every form has its value, it is only in the pursuit of the creative process that we see either commitment to doing the best that can be done or the opposite. My championing of the former and disappointment at the latter are part and parcel of who I am...that will never change. I will, however, make greater efforts to keep peace with those who, for whatever reason, revel in mediocrity. The "us and them" senarios are tiresome and I can certainly spend my time in more productive ways than beating my head against a wall of opinion that has no will to change or grow beyond predetermined paths.

As long as we are doing what will get us to the other side of what we want for our own spheres of creativity the rest may or may not matter.
Laced with truth, you are.... So I'll share a quote from someone that I saw recently.
" I am a perfectionist, but unfortunately, I'm not particularly good at anything."
I thought it was dang funny. I guess the whole point is the pursuit.
Taking my own advice
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Old 05-28-2008, 02:53 PM
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Aaron Schroeder Aaron Schroeder is offline
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Re: "The limits of art"

Another serious limit to art other than technical, is budget. We'll spend trillions of dollars on nuclear submarines, Hundreds of billions on super conductor super colliders, many millions of dollars on all sorts of things.......but we will not spend more than a couple of million on art ( I suppose the extra bucks will be spent every now and then.....but most of the budget will be devoted to a name brand super star who'll clock in a few hours for a few million ). The arts have real limits, realistic expectations are in order.
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Old 05-29-2008, 11:44 PM
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Re: "The limits of art"

I'll tell ya what really pisses me off. I was in DC the other day and they have a tulip garden on the mall. I was captivated by the color of a red variety. It was not just color, it was the texture of the color that was created by the very thin flower petal. We are completely unable to reproduce that type of color. It is like looking at the sea in the Caribbean vs. looking at a painting of the same sea which is an insult to the real thing.

I disturbers me that our fancy smancy technology is not able to full reproduce such a seemingly simple thing. We are able to do nature one better in many ways, but not such a basic thing as color.
Allen Ring
Engineered Aesthetics
Continuing to win the struggle against enlightenment, wisdom, and a socially acceptable legacy.
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