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Old 05-16-2010, 10:03 AM
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Re: Awesome Sculpture du Jour

OK, I want in this one.

Let us stop with the, "my pile of industrial waste is better than your natural stone". Historically, sculpture has been mostly the carving of figures in stone and wood, producing three-dimensional forms with mass and volume. This type of sculpture presented in space gives one the traditional mass-space relationship, both visual and tactile.

In 1920 Naum Gabo published the REALISTIC MANIFESTO calling for the use of new materials for the creation of works concerned with space, time, and movement rather than mass and volume. Gabo used translucent plastic and metal wire to organize space while attempting the denial of mass.

In the mid-1960's Claes Oldenburg, used skilled grave-diggers to dig a six feet square hole in the ground of Central Park (by commission). After the hole was finished it was filled again with the removed soil, thus providing a complete denial of space in the form of a six-foot cube of disturbed soil within the mass of the undisturbed earth. This sculpture was neither visual nor tactile, but a mass-mass relationship. It is still there, you can't see it but the sculpture is still there under Central Park.

Several years ago this thinking started me to consider a new approach to thinking about sculpture and the mass-space relationship. So, I set about making a few large devices to produce sculpture. The sculpture produced was in the form of turbulent air, driven by controlled fans into normal environmental atmosphere. The sculpture produced was completely tactile with all visual elements denied. The sculpture perceived by feeling the shape of the turbulent air forming in atmosphere. AIR IN AIR. A truly space-space relationship.
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