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Re: Is anyone making any money ?

Not sure who you are or how long you have been sculpting but how many pieces of art do you have available to sell right now, and total costs? No you do not need to answer but think about if you are going to make a living you need to have something to sell. Just three pieces in one gallery is not a lot of offering. You need to suffer (hate that word because we shouldn't) a while and put forth to make enough to have a good selection of work to choose from. Then promote yourself. Yes selling of your art takes about 30% of your time. This includes calls and mailings etc. If you review the website posted above it is a brokage house for the sculptors.
Here is what they say "QCFA's extensive website serves as an invaluable resource for private collectors, interior designers and landscape designers".
Notice nothing about just putting stuff in a gallery. I myself make money doing commission work and work with interior designers and such. Yes I do sell some in gallerys (surplus inventory), I enter some of those jury shows, and every three or four years do an street art fair.
Bottom line if you think your work is good then put it out for sell, not just waiting around for a gallery to sell it.
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