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Re: Is anyone making any money ?

Obviously, art is a very tough field to make a living in.
And most artists dont make much.

But certainly, a lot of artists do make some money, and a few make a lot.
The ones who are successful usually get a lot of backbiting from the ones who arent.

I know quite a few artists who make a living making art. Most share one thing in common- they are not to "politically correct" about what they do. They make all kinds of things, all kinds of compromises, and dont look back.
That may mean teaching a workshop, or selling crafty stuff online, doing public art, helping other artists to build work, or other similar, "non-pure" activities.

I have not had a "real" job since 1978.
I am sure a lot of stuff I have done, like making signs for a dress shop in a mall, or benches for a condo, or fabbing work for another artist, would draw the ire of some purists.
But it has all taken place on my terms, in my studio, with no other boss than my fallible self.
And thats the way I like it.

And now, after 30 years of it, yep, I am making money. Not a fortune, but enough to live on.
General rule of thumb I have heard is it takes 20 years to get to the point where you can make money.
Been There.
Got in Trouble for that.
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