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Re: Met Museum Greek and Roman Galleries

Originally Posted by evaldart
Teacher, Teacher! Glenns trying to start trouble again.

It must come happens even when I think that I'm just trying to be helpful!

While those old patterns tedious-ed away by tribes are sometomes attractive and well-handed but they have nothing to do with abstraction. It was their version of graphic design.

I have no idea what you are talking about. Do you have some handle on a universally understood definition of abstraction that I ( and others ) are missing?

True abstraction in the visual arts is a modern phenomenon sometimes rooted in art history and sometimes not.

If we are talking about abstraction as a visual phenomena whereby things are depicted that do not correspond with concrete reality, then I think the example of some celtic coinage holds as proof that it is an older phenomena. The modern version of abstract art is just of a different type.

You do not have to be an abstract artist to understand it - in much the same way that many abstract artist have a profound connection to the realistic and figurative (like myself).
To grasp the fundamentals of abstraction on some level is a must for the forward thinking fine artist. A constantly challeged perception yields origionality.

Including original spelling One of the main methods of learning to see as a figurative artist involves seeing form in terms of abstract shapes.

I have improved my abilites at working figuratively by not working figuratively. I know that when I re-approach figuration, sometimes after years, that I will be better at it by all that occured in between. Making art is not like being a yo-yo champion or a surgeon. You do not need to finesse your fingerskills daily to remember them. Maybe it would be more interesting if the clay were punched into submission once in a while.
Interesting how on a thread praising the Greek and Roman art exhibit we got sidetracked ( inadvertently by my comment in passing ) into a discussion about abstraction. Someone should start a thread about the beaux-arts so we can bicker about beer and brats!

Meanwhile, hats off to the Greeks who forever changed the world of art and created a standard of excellence that still stands as a good measuring rod. What is called classical today was innovative discovery back then, full of enthusiasm, joy, and wonder of the natural world.

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