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Re: How we cast bronze “Fighting Typhoon”

Originally Posted by Sculptor7 View Post
Was the sculpture cast in an inverted position? Determining the sprues and vents on such a complicated piece must have been a daunting task. The cost must also have been considerable. The resin model used to create the mold; was that also cast or is that the artists' original creation?
Hi Sculptor, thanks for your interest.
Actually, we cast the sculpture in normal position (head to foot). Just as you said, the sprues and vent system is quite complicated to make sure molten bronze flow freely and full the whole cavity. Our engineer use the traditional way to design the sprues system manually. I heard that in U.S., someone is using an advanced casting emulation software to do this job. This would be great and i think it will become a trend. what do you think ?

As for the resin master pattern, the artists crate the same size caly sculpture and we cast fiberglass from it.
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