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Re: Delegation in Vermont Protests Outsourcing of MLK Memorial

Interesting post, but no great surprise.. When I first read the granite was being brought in from China and the sculptor too, I thought I smelled corruption. I'm no fan of the NAACP either, I think they're crooked, but I would point out that to do a national monument and outsource both the artist and the material is a shameful thing for this country to allow. I wouldn't expect GlennT to bid on and get the job to build the 500 ft. tall Budha in China either.. The notion that there's no black sculptor in the U.S. who has ever created a monument of this scale should make zero difference, my answer to that is: so what? Re design it if you have to, but find someone willing to do it and who will back up his work and get it done. This needs to be taken out of the NAACP's hands as well because they'll bungle the job and mitgate it away for the right price and it should be taken to a congressional level. What's next, Iran or Syria building the Iraq war memorial?

The philisophical arguments listed above are also pure drivel and smell of corrupt mitigation and bargaining for a mutually agreed upon price tag where everyone is happy. I say scrap the whole thing and get a congressional fund together and do it right here in the states with neither of the above parties having anything to do with it.
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