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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

so true Glenn,

I was taking a bit of an rhetorical license to emphasize the importance of the mindset of the viewer.
If the craft is honed and competent, the artist can tilt the emphasis as per his/her intent..........
the result of which still rides with the mindset of the viewer-unless of course it is a sculpture of an overt sexual act

but a single subject alone in space and beyond time could easily be somewhat impact/meaning neutral, and thereby rest almost wholly with the mind of the viewer

ergo the silly naming of classical sculptures of unknown provenance
a glaring example of which would be the Getty "Aphrodite"

eg: pan fucking (as/per an earlier post by landseer)a goat is one thing, while pan playing his pipes is quite another
When viewing the more neutral figurative sculptures we are as r.d.lang's description of a metamessage confused schizophrenic

"what does it mean?"

eg: my ISIS rising from her dream of Osiris with the conception of Horus...
my intent was to capture the orgasmic moment of the conception of a god...
maybe many have felt this, but only one person (so far) has voiced a sexual desire for her(a drunken biker)---tho I had never intended her/them to be of a prurient nature------is he the only one who has felt the moment as I had intended--or was he just "shooting from the hip" and experiencing the sculpture within his own mindset--will i ever know?

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