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Re: "Meaning" what does that mean?

What gets refferred-to as "fine art" has always simply been the art that is greater than function, better than utilitarian, more than just illustrative. The notion of an art being "finer" attempts to weed out the huge amounts of man-made "beauty" that over-ornaments, hyper-embellishes and generally slaves itself to embracing cultural excess.

In fact, when we have graduated to the degree that we are confident about what IS and what ISNT Art, we have no more use for the term "fine art". Because Art is "fine" and everything else that pretends to be fine is NOT.

The "meaning" of real Art is always the same, and the "meanings" of not-so-fine art will vary to serve a billion human functions (it, that unfine, might still be pretty... but it aint fine).

History has no bearing on the matter - as those primitives, though often in posession of some chops, mostly had underdeveloped graspings of just WHAT Art should or could be.
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