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Re: "Meaning" what does that mean?

Just to make another quick distinction. When we make doodles or studies or bits of whatever - those are part of a larger process. Yes they are Art, but they are not infused with great meaning. Their"meaning", the thing they're communicating, is simply a look inside our process as creators. Some viewers will assign meaning to everything, but as the artist, it's our job to be clear about what we're communicating. In the case of a study or doodle, the communication is clear - it's much like the classical musician warming up before the big show, or working out the specifics of melody. We wouldn't listen to that and say "Wow!! How moving!!" it's simply a warmup. But we would however see into the process of that artist and perhaps gain some understanding into how and why it is that they do what they do, and therefor gain a greater appreciation of their work.
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