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Re: "Meaning" what does that mean?

But Ries, "tools" that possess a consciousness will never be happy just to service your task. So a human being can never be as good as a grinder or a hammer. Those living tools have a damned "will"...a will that is anxious to be imposed...dead-set upon getting-into (screwing with the meaning?) the efforts of other "wills". So if they can be viewed as "tools", they are possibly not the best for Art, better for plain ol civilization, where general function occurs by the success of a group effort.

I realize that this might make it tough to do the really big things...and I suppose there could be no more passive a creative partner than a pencil-pusher or a stamper of legal approval;, but me, if I only occasionally need the crane operator and his machine...then alls going just fine.
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