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Re: "Meaning" what does that mean?

Originally Posted by Zophia View Post
this is the shit that annoys me...

I went to the lecture that when this artist finalized her idea. I looked at the sculpture and wondered "how" could it be done. I like the proposed design but didn;t see how it would work unless she used 4 inch think aluminum to support it. When i asked this question the room just kind of looked at me weird. Someone whispered that she would have someone fabricate it. Ok but still how could it be done? the group obviously had no technical knowledge. well here is the finished sculpture

which it SO different from the one proposed. see the static poles holding up the aluminum swirl... these were not in the origional design and totally change the feeling of it. So how does someone so removed from her medium get a half a mil to have someone do this and not even understand the engineering of her design or the limits of her material???? but for the artists sake i did like the original design.
Oh yes, I experienced that almost daily whern working with interior designers. Admittedly some were better than others, but logic was not their strong suit.
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