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Re: Bronze Clay?

I wonder if it is possible to bypass the sintering heat source (kiln) with a modified mixture of exothermic powders added to the bronze powder. I believe it would still require a controlled atmosphere.

Sorta like a slow thermite reaction.
However the binder burnout stage would have to be at a slower rate or the entire green object would explode.

Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis: the synthesis of compounds (or materials) in a wave of chemical reaction (combustion) that propagates over starting reactive mixture owing to layer-by-layer heat transfer.

"...aluminum powder were mixed and placed inside a shallow aluminum foil crucible. A wire was inserted into the mixture, which was then heated to 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit triggering a reaction called self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS), Logan said. The reaction caused the material to form a solid brick. A ceramic crucible was used in later experiments to form complex curved surfaces."
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