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Re: Too mach balanced too mach control

Originally Posted by ExNihiloStudio
The most vital part of sculpture is that it reminds us we have a body. Painting can behave as though we’re just brains floating in jars.
well said! that's probably why we all (sculptors) tend to create balanced works like our own body is, and like nature is (a book to recommend: "Patterns in nature" by Peter S.Stevens)

For those who wants to know more about primitive/tribal art influences over modern art (not only Picasso!!!) I recommend another wonderful book (the bible in this matter) from William Rubin edited in collaboration with MOMA in 1984. Approximate title is tribal influences in the art of the 20°century (en français : le primitivisme dans l'art du 20° siècle- ed. flammarion)
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