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Re: chinese foundry

Originally Posted by GlennT
I'm not sure why no one has addressed the obvious answer to how a Chinese foundry can offer such things as free shipping, etc.
To cut to the chase, the answer is VERY LOW WAGES for the workers.
What matters a shipping cost if you are paying $1 per hour instead of $15 per hour to a foundry worker?
And the cost-of-living is proportionally lower in these it locations.... That hypothetical $1 per hour might be a premium wage for the locale....and if it ain't, then outside of slave labor, I don't think they will have workers lining up for the jobs. Personally, I'm looking at taking my 401K to one of these lovely countries, building me a fine house and opening a foundry....should be able to run the operation for about 30 years just out of my checking account.
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