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Re: The Role of the Artist

I always thought that the role of the artist in society was to pioneer the bad nieghborhoods in the inner cities so that the developers could later kick them out and build fancy conos...Actually, roles seem to be assumed individually. What each of us asks from his/her art differs from one person to the next. What is asked of art by others differs from one person to the next. When someone asks for your art and you sell it to them bills get paid, cars get repaired and cavities get filled. Sometimes people are awed and inspired by the artist, experiencing revelations, while other times people are revolted . In all, artmaking is quite rational and sane in comparison to the beastial devourings, the trifling preoccupations and the numbing monotonies of most human efforts. Of course I enjoy the devourings, triflings and monotonies as much as the next guy...but I have Art to keep me sane.
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