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Re: What utility wagon/cart to buy?

Update. Thank you EJB. I did buy the hand truck per your suggestion and I am happy. I bought the smaller model.

The truck is quite heavy and still a bit bulky so it would not fit into my Mazda hatchback when it is loaded with the sculptures. I carry it on my bike rack which is set for 3 bikes so I load the hand truck horizontally on top of the bars. It is exactly the right width for that purpose.

The package arrived unassembled and some screws were loose inside the box and some were missing. I needed help to assembled it. The tires needed to be inflated.

I did not buy the flat bed which I think costs $50. Instead I used a plank of plywood I had which happened to be the right width. My helper sawed off two small tongues on each side (towards the handles) and it fits perfectly.

I used the hand truck this week-end and it was a big help. Note that the wheels do not have a lock so this is a bit of a bother.

It is easy to maneuver. Though one needs muscles to operate it but sculptors have muscles.
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