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Re: Rockefeller Center's Atlas Statue to be Cleaned

There is a bit of technical info here about the cleaning process and future protection.

Atlas statue to get makeover in New York

NEW YORK, May 4 (UPI) -- Atlas, the four-story statue outside New York's Rockefeller Center, is getting a thorough cleaning to expose its original luster, officials say.

Officials with EverGreene Painting Studios, the company hired to clean the 7-ton bronze statue, say removing its multiple coats of lacquer will reveal its original patina or base coating, ...

Greene said the cleaning should uncover hidden artistic nuances such as the chiaroscuro, otherwise known as the contrast between light and dark in an art piece.

"There is all this detail in the sculpture that was brought out by the patina," he said. "It would have accentuated the chiaroscuro and shown the artists' tool marks. It had a kind of luminosity." ...

The Times said the Atlas cleaning will involve the use of a low-pressure steam bath and gel solvent to remove all built-up materials, along with the application of an acrylic protective coating to preserve it into the future
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