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Re: Lost in Monotony: After college dilemma

Originally Posted by GlennT View Post
I attended three state universities in my pursuit of an architecture degree, two in Illinois and one in Minnesota. In between the two in Illinois I took a couple years off to work, which was helpful to get out of the mindset you grow up with of school, school, school for a continuous 20 years of life.

There was also a (properly labeled) sociology class I took that was so disgusting that at one point in a large lecture hall I got up and shouted, "That's an outright lie!" Also, on the final exam, I pointed out how none of the "models for social behavior" that we were supposed to select one from as the best and write an essay about were of any value. I just wrote about how each of them were bogus. To the teachers credit, I got an A in that class and even was invited to join the sociology club! (Maybe they have kool-aid parties!) But I declined.

Although this was architecture school, not art school, many years later I audited a university art class to learn etching, met students, and got a feel for what was going on. Plus, I have gone through and observed studios and student work at a major art school here.

And finally, to compare to these experiences, I visted the Taleisin Architecture school to see how things can be done well and right to properly prepare one to problem solve intelligently and work in the real world, and I took 1 1 /2 years of incredibly valueable art training at an Atelier and saw the difference between a serious place for learning art (at a fraction of the cost) versus the university approach.
I apologize for my assumption that you didn't attend a university. It always seemed clear that you eschewed that particular type of education...and I'm pretty sure I've only read of your experiences at ateliers and the sort.
Good on you for opening your yap and calling out the professor on the lie!
You probably should have taken up the sociology club on their offer; kept them on their heels a bit... I don't think you should have left school though.
Take the BS in stride, raise challenges when you need to, laugh it off, and move on.
I do think that it would be more grating to stay in a less-than-hospitable atelier/private art-school atmosphere though. The insulation at hand is magnified exponentially compared to a university environment.
Having been through both, (very large public uni and developing my body of work with a foundry, learning everything about casting, for the last 6+ years) both definitely have their significant drawbacks.

Thanks, btw, Glenn for the detailed reply.

Originally Posted by jOe~ View Post've gotta love it, need it, and be ready to sacrifice big time for it.
The catalyst is your dedication to hard work.
I don't need to repeat myself .
Joe hits the nail on the head here. All other considerations are incidental to your art-making.

Originally Posted by evaldart View Post
Glenn, you are easily (self)aware enough NOT to be intimidated by the range of exchanges that occur in the academic environment.
My thought exactly!

Originally Posted by grommet View Post
there's something for everyone. Glenn found his niche outside the university system, Evaldart within, both by pushing at the limits of what they saw. Nothing comes without effort is the lesson.
I think a combination of the two sensibilities works really well...But like grommet said, effort is key...You have to know what to keep and what to discard where the lessons are concerned.

Originally Posted by Adelgander View Post
Ha. I see I sort of started a debate here, though it seems to have nothing to do with my topic. Interesting back and forth though.
While some of the exchanges appear to be superfluously anecdotal, they have everything to do with your topic.
You, in so many words, are expressing that a system has failed to adequately prepare you, and right now, you're mired in some sort of, we're discussing the system(s) at hand.

Originally Posted by The Forge View Post
It's unfortunate that you too, allowed yourself to get caught up in the 'illusion' that you can making a 'living with Art' straight out of college.
Exactly. It's a can be a very precipitous and slow ascent to your goals...
Sure, money plays a part of it, but the key variable is your level of sacrifice and commitment. I'm still slowly on my way as I've taken a non-traditional path into committing to art-making, (let alone sculpture) but you're either going to be masochistically single-minded about this or you're not.

As I mentioned above: You're two years removed, so don't panic.
If you can't quite figure stuff out RIGHT NOW, save some money and travel, look at art and only strive to topple your perspective.

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