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Re: Lost in Monotony: After college dilemma

It's unfortunate that you too, allowed yourself to get caught up in the 'illusion' that you can making a 'living with Art' straight out of college. In the real world, you need a real job to support your 'art habit'. So, you better start now to find a way to make money. Do not feel that you have to 'create now' because you will loose your creativity, if you do anything else.
Back in the early 70's I made that same mistake, also. Luckily, my father had given me the opportunity to 'apprentice' in his Machine Shop, while I was attending college. So I quickly found a paying job. I worked on my welded steel sculptures on the weekends and in my spare time. You would be surprised how much 'more creative' you can get when you have the money to buy supplies. Now, 50+ years later, I have retired from a good paying job, and returned to my passion of creating sculptures. During all the years that I was working, I slowly collected all the equipment that is now in my studio. Now, the fun has begun.
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