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Re: Lost in Monotony: After college dilemma

Ha. I see I sort of started a debate here, though it seems to have nothing to do with my topic. Interesting back and forth though.

I hope I didn't make it seem like I am not motivated to work, because a lot of the comments here picked out a few select words (of my own) that would allude to poor work ethic. I admit, this situation is a little more difficult to produce work than it was when I had everything all in one place at school. But that is in no way an excuse to be idle, and you are all very correct in scolding me for that. Thank you!

But I should make it clear that once I start on something, I finish it quickly, and correctly to my exact specification. I have sat in my small room and made wire frames with flux wire and an exhaust fan in the window.... MAKING is not the issue, in any way.

The guess work for me right now is what to DO with that work after it has been made. I live in a fairly art driven city in Kentucky, but sculpture (let alone contemporary sculpture and installation) is in scarce supply.

Obseq: The materials I am trying to afford are probably out of reach for now. The usual steel/ wood etc. I can find scrap or otherwise is very viable for my budget. I have been making plans for work that involves kinetic, electronic, and sensory functions lately... Motors and chains, pulleys... maybe I just need to keep it simple and be more "Formalist" for the time being.

Evaldart: I really don't mean to place 'blame' per se on anyone other than myself for lack of success, especially considering I haven't really given it everything I have yet. I suppose it just would have been nice to have a rough step-by-step guideline for how to make it doing this in addition to a JOB. I think of my sculpture as the real job, and the part time thing as a temporary agreement.

jOe~: I agree with you about not using more school to find direction. I know WHY I make my work, and How I go about it. If I went to school, it would be to get the degree. I'm sure there is a ton of stuff I could learn, but at the end of the day my drive would dictate the value of that program, and what work/ experience I would get out of it. It would just have to be as close to free as possible
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