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Re: Lost in Monotony: After college dilemma

I would say you NEED to go the grad school...there will be folks there (students AND professors) who might awaken you to the REAL reason for making art
If you need more school to wake you up "to the REAL reason for making art" you are not a natural and I doubt that its the field for you. Being one of the toughest to make a living in, you've gotta love it, need it, and be ready to sacrifice big time for it.

I feel like I am in such a rut. I am constantly coming up with great ideas, most of which are so different and new for me, as well as for the sculpture community as a whole. I feel like my work could really resonate and change things if I had a real chance.
What do you mean by chance? You're living at home and have income. Sounds like you lack motivation and gumption.
My grand dreams of a contemporary lifestyle and work environment are slowly slipping away from me. I need a catalyst, but I really don't know where to begin.
The catalyst is your dedication to hard work.
I have nothing planned, and nothing to really look forward to.
I don't need to repeat myself .
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