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Re: Lost in Monotony: After college dilemma

200 buck a week? That sound way below minimum wage to me. Got to get a better crappy job than that.

There will be very cheap space in the worst part of town. These areas have always served artists very well. You must get your OWN "place" to work (and so you live there too, amongst your art-stuff) . This is of primary importance. And as Grommet said, there are materials out there to be scavenged aplenty. No excuse there. That scavenging merely has to become part of your creative process; as important as the crafting and conceptualizing and composing.

Never blame anyone else for your inability to make art (or "succeed" there-in); hopefully you didnt enter into art for a career. You make art IN SPITE of a career. It (the making) might yet intertwine with other parts of your life and BE a career - or YIELD like a career OR it might outfit you for parallel opportunities that you could not have imagined had you not plowed through the resistance and persevered.

I would say you NEED to go the grad school...there will be folks there (students AND professors) who might awaken you to the REAL reason for making art - and once THAT has been internalized, the regular struggles seem will learn there how to negotiate the mountains of adversity that will be trying to stop you from applying your creativity in purity. (plus there are tools and gear to be borrowed in school as well). But It must begin with some interesting thoughts...and proceed from there with great will.
Money is the easiest and most obvious thing in the world to complain about. Art only happens when the least obvious and MOST difficult things are being addressed.

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