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Re: ISC Fall Conference experiences

ISC Fall Symposium – Sunday

At 10:00 am everyone hopped on shuttle buses to head out to the New Orleans Museum of Art where a fabulous exhibit of works from the collection curated by Billie Milam Weisman and a discussion of Sculpture in the Public Arena. The Weisman collection is eclectic and very extensive. Some is housed in Los Angeles, some at the University of Minnesota and Ms. Weisman directs the collection with a mission to making it available to the public. She also has been responsible for cleaning and maintaining the works, to the extent that she and her crew clean the works every week. To give you an idea of the range of the collection, here is a photo of two of Dwayne Hanson’s pieces along with one by Les Christiansen titled “Why should I walk if I have wings to fly?”, which is made of hundreds of shoes.

Bruce Beasley opened the panel discussion by showing slides of his fabrication methods for a 13,000 pound acrylic sculpture and then steel works while referring to public art as “studio free”. He stated that public art generally has some resistance from the public, that this is normal. Art should be a surprise and have to earn its way. Richard Hunt and Albert Paley showed slides of their public sculpture, ranging from human scale to enormous. John Scott talked about the stainless sculpture we had seen down by the Mississippi the night before. On the topic of working with committees, A.P. said that corporate comissions are the eastiest because they are not committee driven. B.B. added that the worst scenario is government commissions because the art must cause the funders no problem – other wise it interferes with politics. R. H. felt that public art is going in many different directions because funding is more available. A.P. again on committee driven decisions, “Put a committee together to design a horse and you get a camel”. And J.S. said that developing your sculpture is a growing process “you have to get a whole lot of ugly before you get some pretty”.

Then everyone headed outside for lunch and a stroll around the incredible sculpture garden, also part of the Weisman collection. Russ posted lots of the images in the Images Gallery, but I’ll add one or two from the park and a couple on the streets of New Orleans.

And then it was over. There were other presenters and other events, but hopefully this sampling will give you an idea of the effect this symposium had.
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