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Re: ISC Fall Conference experiences

Originally Posted by JAZ
At 1:30 a.m. this morning I got home from the ISC Fall Symposium. It was a very stimulating, well planned weekend ............

The first stop was the Virlane Collection Open House at K & B Plaza .......... Bishoffs purchased the building and was the incentive for the rest of the collection. Imagine sitting at your desk, on the job, with a Niki de Saint Phalle or a Trova right next to you. ........
JAZ - This is a great opening summary of the New Orleans Symposium, but I have to make one small correction. The couple honored at this event were Sidney and Walda Besthoff, not Bishoff. K & B in the name of the Virlane site is local shorthand for Katz and Besthoff, the hundred-or-so year old family corporation that eventually became primarily theirs. Getting home at 1:30 and putting this up the next morning, its surprising you could think at all.

On another point, the stainless or aluminum figure is a new one to me, and I’ll have to get the name. The Besthoff’s continually are adding excellent pieces to their collection. Thanks for getting up this description, and I look forward to more postings!
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