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Re: What's your intension as an artist?

Polarizing proclamationism and narcissustential exclusive singularism are part of the proper attire for discussions that involve super/trans/post/extra-human concerns such as Art and...the things that might be Art. If you haven't got enough confidence in your current positions in this area then how can you be at all confident in the unbegged and unbridled and needfully isolated activities that occur by the manifesting of your creativity. Theres no room for doubt in the "during"; but the "after", since its a new day and you might feel slightly changed, might well scrunch your nose and shake your head. So the newest confidence makes ajustments...or it moves-on to another thing...not necessarily caring about the work that yesterday's "other self" made. It is our job to be aware of these subtleties of change within ourselves, sense the momentum, sometimes ride it and sometimes wipe out. The most obvious "given" is that everyone is different...that doesnt need to be said. Interperception commerce is what we do here and with folks in general. Some of this can help us and some achieves nothing. But pay good attention to the "intra"perception goings-on...the YOU thats actually up-against it all. Those fleeting and quiet thoughts have got the goods. And, sadly enough, they control the gorilla.
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