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Re: What's your intension as an artist?

“From my perspective, the “scribblers” are the historians, critics, theorist, poets, novelists, etc. who have the capacity to inform what we artists create.” - Cheesepaws

This is correct. I also wonder of we can give up the use of ‘scribblers’ to refer to professional and entirely serious people (writers, ARTISTS, academics, historians, etc) who use verbal language. It sounds too like sheer prejudice to me.

A number of artists in this thread also seem to confuse ‘direct’ carving (get a piece of stone and see where it leads you) with sculpture in its wider sense, which often involves a lot of forethought, analysis, research and accumulated study, and can be narrative to boot. Of course, there are various sculptors who make a particular commitment to the intuitive approach. Personally, I would fear being set adrift like that – I like thought to be a part of the process, and I like to analyse the forms I make, either at the drawing-up stage or in retrospect. And that means some research at times, including reading art historians, and this has helped me refine my work and helped me dramatically improve my understanding of form.
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