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Re: What's your intension as an artist?

Originally Posted by chris 71 View Post
my favorite part of the book is always the pictures just fill the book with pictures thats all. and then it is important
Chris 71's observation, which may represent a large portion of the art book reading public, poses an interesting dilema for goudagrubbers's position.
He claimed that without scribblers, Michelangelo's works were just funny looking rocks. Well, without readers, scribbler's words are just funny looking chicken scratches surrounding the pictures.

Meanwhile, Chris has responded to the pictures in the book and gained an understanding and appreciation for the art that he sees. So, does this mean that without photographers, Michelangelo's works are invisible...or without the literate, scribblers are irrelevant, therefore art cannot exist...or, before photography there was no art because there were no art books for the scribblers to scribble around...

Or, before Cheesepaws consumed so much blue cheese that the mold got to his head, his ideas were more sensible...
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