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Re: What's your intension as an artist?

Originally Posted by cheesepaws View Post
Without the scribblers Michelangelo’s sculptures are just funny lookin’ rocks. History, criticism, theory, poetry - activates artifact (and artifice) and lifts it to the realm of art.

Michelangelo created art. The scribblers created scribble. Depending on their mood, they may participate in the elevation of the esteem of art, or be just as likely to attempt to devalue it to seem as funny looking rocks.

There is a reason why both the literate and the illiterate have flocked to view Michelangelo's work 500 years ago and continuously thru to today, whereas a scribbler's best work, after a few short years, can be found in a used book store lanquishing for under $40.

I like good writing just as much if not more than the next person (probably more), but I'm not confused about wherein does the power lay to raise artifact to art. That is the gift and the responsibility of the artist.
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