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Re: What's your intension as an artist?

Originally Posted by cheesepaws View Post
E. old man, your absolutism scares me! Let me know when you are getting ready to hole up in a mountain shack and pen your manifesto and I’ll send help. Or perhaps it is too late. Let go of your rigid exclusion of what you perceive as all things non-sculpture. Writing is a DIRECT means of accessing your work – embrace it (after all, you do SO much of it anyways ).

Without the scribblers Michelangelo’s sculptures are just funny lookin’ rocks. History, criticism, theory, poetry - activates artifact (and artifice) and lifts it to the realm of art.

If you're depending on some poetry to lift your artifact up to the realm of Art then you better check your artifact. The poetry, criticism, history and theory all occur AFTER the Art is already done. Second generation (and then theres the writing about the writing...and so on) Oh, I have and still do enjoy those things...but only because I have all the time I need. Intensity, my friend, deconsecutivizes you can do All the things you want. All the hard stuff and all the easy stuff, too.

Hole up in a mountain shack?...cant happen. No place to plug in the welder, and I could NEVER live more that a mile away from a Burger King.
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