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Re: What's your intension as an artist?

While lengthy dissertation might indeed impress the rugular folk, it really wont help the Art in the eyes of its own maker. Research and analysis of your favorite artists is indeed a pleasurable thing to do in between creative episodes, but such activity should be put with other avocational pass-times such as collecting stamps and gardening. Articulation of accumulated facts and fancies is just another brain teaser - it does not represent human growth. Sustenance will tell us what we NEED to learn and the artmaking will tell us what it is VITAL that we learn. Critics, historians, poets, novelists are SCRIBBLERS. They do not know anything about making Art (though the good ones can be entertaining), They are a creative sort, within the limits of little words (and some big ones) but they can't really help us all that much. Its easy enough to know what Michelangelo was about by looking at his work...its not very nice that some grasping academics would make things up and feed it to the gullible as fact or truth.

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