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Re: What's your intension as an artist?

Originally Posted by soul_holder View Post
Why do you want to make what you make? Where does your art stand in your contemporary world? And Why do u want to share it with people? What are you trying to achieve?
well, maybe this is beyond the limits of my English, but I'll try to toss my 5 cents:
I do what I do because I need to- even if now in Spain to make one's living on abstract sculpture is a hopeless mission, I just feel OK carving, it's sort of an active meditation-and a soul-healing experience.What do you try to achieve by breathing?

...Is making artworks for the fun of exploring visual forms not enough anymore?
I think that the important thing is not the artworks themselves- they are a byproduct of walking a path-and the walking is what matters, and how we change in the process

...Now I have to become some kind of philosopher as well. Its slowly putting me off art and I used to think I loved every bit of it.If your a practicing artist, do you personally ask yourself these questions.
Nothing wrong with a little bit of philosofy - I hope it doesn't stop you making art, and i suppose evrione asks nim/herself questions-you need to, if you wanna find the answers.

....and, trying to answer your questions, I discovered an explanation for myself ,about how I see the creative process( path, meditation & philosofy, remember?)- guess that if I were a samurai, I wold call it bushido
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