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Re: What's your intension as an artist?

personally, I'm a dilettante in that i creat that which i wish to see, experience, and appreciate.
Others appreciation is rewarding primarily in that it reassures me that I'm creating something beautiful within the greater bounds of a shared assumed sanity.

if you wish the epithet "Doctor of Philosophy" do not complain about being expected to
"become some kind of philosopher as well."


The question before your eyes is in actuality, why you yourself would seek to be an artist or a philosopher of art.

beware the beast within "dissertation". Many have studied for years and, gazing into the gaping blood drenched jaws of the beast, run screaming into the night to live the rest of their lives A.B.D.
Self preservation or self delusion?

One sculpting mentor turned his art into craft, and slowly lost his desire to find something within, relying on commissions to guide him.
Another referred to some of us as "victims of too much education"

i suspect that
ART is beyond reason and there it needs remain.
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