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Re: 123d Make now for Pc....

Originally Posted by CroftonGraphics View Post
some of you who do 3d may know,
This programme has interesting uses for sculpture work to convert 3d graphic forms into real materials without going to 3d printers.
I also like the constructivist lattice look as well.

I have Make, myself, but haven't used it, yet. I know of an industrial design student who has used it to make the armature for a full-size automotive clay model, using foam slices as the armature material. You could use just about any sheet material, from sheet metal to plywood to plexiglass, depending upon needs and costs. I thought the idea of using the resulting pieces as an armature for clay modeling is brilliant. It could be done on a smaller scale, for use in making a maquette for bronze casting, I would think. I suppose you can adjust the slices so the staggering from one slice to the next isn't as pronounced, right? Then the finished piece would be somewhat smoother looking.

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